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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Village Life!

       Well that didn’t go exactly according to plan. Oh I know what you are about to ask, what didn’t? True you did stop Number 6 from escaping as he masqueraded as Curtis, but you must admit that you got lucky there. Yes you had become suspicious back in your office, but it was really during that taxi ride that your suspicion’s become proved. Just as well you had Susan’s death to fall back on. But that wasn’t the only safety net you had, the password Gemini, nice touch that, Gemini for twins. So that when it all got started even you wouldn’t know which was the real Number 6. Well that was a lot of baloney, you could see which of them was the real Number 6, he was the one wearing the dark blazer! What would have happened had Number 6 been confronted by the Guardian and had given it that password Gemini? Rover would have attacked him instantly, suffocated him into unconsciousness or to death. So it was lucky for him that he came across those two guardians that time when they asked him for the password. That little encounter demonstrated to Number 6 that Gemini wasn’t the password. Mind you, when eventually faced with that membranic Guardian, having extracted the password from Curtis, it was just as well it accepted the password Schizoid Man from Number 6. Because if it hadn’t it might well have suffocated Number 6 to death, and then where would you be? The only way out would to have had poor old Curtis confined to The Village to spend the rest of his days going about not only permanently impersonating Number 6, but actually living his life! After all who would be in your deck shoes to have to report to Number 1 that Number 6 was dead, suffocated to death by Rover?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, what’s so funny? Well imagine the situation then for Curtis, there he is a prisoner in The Village with the appearance of another man who he had been impersonating. Then off you go leaving The Village, with Curtis still pleading that he’s not a number, he’s a free man. Well who’s going to take any notice? Number 2 has heard it all before, Number 6 rejecting his number is practically an every day occurrence. The situation would have been something like ‘The Man In The Iron Mask,’ when Philippe is substituted by Louis in the Bastille! Don’t you think? As it is its more like ‘The Prisoner of Zenda!’

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