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Monday 4 January 2016

Thought For The Day

    ‘Pinta Man Is Strong,’ that’s according to the logo on the milk float in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ the milkman who was supposed to be delivering milk to the kitting out room at the airfield. But had you realised that there was a milk round in The Village? A Milkman who drives a milk float, or possibly a trailer towed behind a Mini-Moke, delivering milk to citizen’s residences. After all a bottle of milk is seen in Number 6’s cottage, and during The Chimes of Big Ben’ an open  bottle of milk can be seen in his refrigerator, and a new one, perhaps recently delivered on the work-top. This is of course no proof that there was a milk round in The Village, he could have purchased the bottled milk from the General Stores. However when Number 6 goes out of his cottage in Many Happy Returns’ to find The Village deserted, there’s an empty milk bottle on the door step. So the next question is how does the bottled milk arrive in The Village? On the back of a lorry, by boat, or helicopter? Or is the milk produced on a nearby farm, which would be fine, but then how does the milk get into the bottles? That in turn would mean a small scale bottling plant at the dairy farm. There’s more to The Village than might be first imagined!

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  1. 2016, at last. Delighted to meet you! There's one quite interesting article of yours that readers may want to see, about the "mundane" side of the Village: where does it all come from, the milk, the soap, electric power and so on. Look: - BCNU!