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Friday 29 January 2016

Quote For The Day

    “I know every nut, bolt, and cog, I built it with my own hands.”
                                                  {The Prisoner - Many Happy Returns}
    Ah but did he spray paint the car himself, or did he have someone do that for him? As it is there seems to be no end to the Prisoner’s talents. Look at the way he carved the hull of that boat out of a fallen tree trunk, as well as the bottom of the boat, the mast, and rudder, and enveloping the hull of the vessel in tarpaulin. Not that the boat would have been watertight, far from it, the tarpaulin would have been sodden with seawater. Mind you it was a different matter with that sea-going raft of his. Once the materials had been sourced putting that raft together must have been like building it from a kit, just like it had been with his Lotus 7. Except he had been working in wood instead of metal. But having been top of his class in woodwork at school would have held Number 6 in good stead for building a raft. He might even have built one as a boy to sail on a river. But sourcing the materials and actually building a sea-going raft is one thing, it would have to be designed first, and then tested for its seaworthiness. Otherwise Number 6 might have put out to sea, and the raft come apart and foundered in the estuary. And that would have amounted to being a failure on both sides. And writing of both sides, Number 2, whoever he or she was at the time, must have had great faith in Number 6’s ability to escape by sea, seeing as no other way of escape had been left open to him. I mean to say, its not everyman who is so skilled as our friend Number 6.

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