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Monday 4 January 2016

Caught On Camera!

   He’s not is he? He is you know! Having become suspicious of his cup of hot chocolate in ‘A B and C,’ which he poured into the sink, it appears that despite that, he’s still drinking his nightcaps!
   Later in the episode of ‘Dance of The Dead’ when Number 6 is given his nightcap by the maid Number 21, and having asked what it is. The maid tells him it’s good for him “Good for someone” he replies, and because Number 6 doesn’t drink the drugged nightcap he endures a restless night. The doctor on the wall screen is checking to see if Number 6 had drunk all of his nightcap. But if he’s suspicious of the nightcap on the second occasion in the episode, why drink it in the first place? That brings about some inconsistency in the episode. Unless of course Number 6 tipped the drink into the sink like he had in ‘A B and C.’ But then that would bring about he same question asked about whether or not Number 6 was really unconscious when the medical team attended the subject? But it must be remembered that ‘Dance of The Dead’ was originally to have been second in the screening order, long before ‘A B and C.’ So perhaps when Number 6 tipped his nightcap into the sink, it was due to his ever growing suspicions about the nightcap. But then if that were the case it doesn’t explain why he drank two previous nightcaps in ‘A B and C’ before he tipped the third away. And even as the episodes stand, if Number 6 knew there is a drug, possibly a strong sedative, in his nightcap, why go on drinking it? Well we’ve observed the affects of when he didn’t, he wasn’t relaxed and couldn’t sleep!

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