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Monday 25 January 2016

Point of Observation!

    Strange how a system which once found individuals as “trying” {or at least that’s what Number 2 said} that in the end was prepared to embrace Number 6 as an individual. Indeed was prepared to absorb him into that system. That if they could not shape Number 6 to fit, the system would be altered in order to make him fit. Remarkable that Number 6 has been an example to them, in having convinced them of their mistakes. It would seem that Number 6 knows the way, because suddenly they need him to show them the way! Perhaps Number 2 {as the High Court Judge} instead of using coercion, which has failed to work against the Prisoner, tries a different tack, to heap praise upon the Prisoner. He has revolted. Resisted, fought, held fast, maintained, destroyed, resisted, overcame coercion. He has earned the right to be a person, someone individual. All that remains then is the recognition of a man, a man of steel who apparently is magnificently equipped to lead them, having proved himself. His revolt has been good and honest. He is an individual who has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. And now they need him! But soft soaping butters no parsnips. Meaning heaping praise on Number 6 didn’t work either. It simply helped bring about another revolt, one violent and bloody, more of a purge really, in which the only ones to die are the armed security forces!

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