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Sunday 10 January 2016

More Village

    When I first watched ‘Arrival’ and saw the Solar café exploding I thought that it was a terrorist attack of some kind, perhaps the explosion having been caused by radicals within The Village who were actively resisting. But I had forgotten about the news report Six heard coming over the radio, there having been an explosion in New York, and it had brought all the traffic to a stand still. According to 313 such things, such as the explosion at the Solar café, happen, but soon things get back to normal. In fact it’s a way of getting rid of citizens, citizens such as 554 the waitress who died in that explosion. She had been close to 93, and was becoming close to Six, and therefore dangerous. Seeing as 554 was a dreamer, so she had to be got rid of. And the news report of a gas explosion in New York, well that was probably 554’s other self being killed in a gas explosion in New York. But that would not be the last time such an event would happen. In ’Darling’ 4-15, was to have married Six. When she had revealed to Six everything that had happened to him had all been part of Two’s plan, that his love for her had been manufactured, she then threw herself into one of the holes that were opening up in The Village. thereby suffering a Vilage death, and escaping. The moment she did that 4-15’s other self, Lucy in New York who had become Michael’s lover,’ died in Michael’s apartment when there was a gas explosion!

Breathe in….breathe out….more Village!

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