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Sunday 17 January 2016

There Are Other Ways!

    In the main Number 2 is Number 6’s adversary, and as it happens only male Number 2’s want to know why the Prisoner resigned. Also Number 2 can be the Prisoner’s protector, especially when taking the two doctors Number 40 and 23. Both of whom want to know Number 6’s breaking point, and one would be prepared to go even further than that! But Number 2 said she didn’t want him broken, as once Number 2 said he didn’t want a man of fragments when the suggestion was made that if he doesn’t bend he’ll crack. There are other ways, he must be won over, it’s a long drawn out process, but Number 6 has a future with The Village, just like Cobb, Fotheringay, and the Colonels! And when the doctor Number 23 suggested a leucotomy Number 2 said that Number 6 is too valuable, he was sure they could help him adjust without such drastic treatment. Anyone would think Number 1 didn’t want Number 6 broken, to know the reason behind his resignation. But then seeing as Number 1 is the other self of Number 6, he would have known anyway, from the moment the Prisoner sat down at his writing bureau to write that letter of resignation! So really it’s not so important to know why the Prisoner resigned, except to bring his personal file up to date. More important is to help Number 6 adjust to his current situation, and eventually to win him over so that his future with The Village is attained. But then that doesn’t account for the couple of times Number 2 seems to be under the mandate to break Number 6, even if only in his mind!

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