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Friday 8 January 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Its alright for you, I have to pay for this failure.”
                                                  {Number 2 - Living Harmony} 

    Number 8’s technique was good, it was as if Number 6 was living an early form of virtual reality game. The trouble was so were Number 2, 8, and 22, and in some shape or form they all allowed themselves to get involved, to do what they would really have done. And each suffered from a distinct lack of self-control. So the attempt to break Number 6 in his mind, fill him with hallucinatory drugs, put him in a dangerous environment, give him love, take it away, isolate him, make him kill, then face him with death. But it didn’t work, and for that Number 2 will have to carry the can. He’ll take the blame, and eventually pay for the failure, but in what way? Will he simply be forced to remain The Village? That doesn’t sound so bad, unless of course he will be forced to remain in The Village as a prisoner! Maybe he fears the worst, that he will have for forfeit his life for the failure, to be put up against a wall and shot perhaps. Of course there’s always forced suicide, or confrontation with the Guardian. Who can say what fate befalls a failed Number 2. Perhaps at the end of the day all Number 2’s are afraid of his or her masters, afraid of failure. There have certainly been more than one or two of them about, from time to time!

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