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Saturday 23 January 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

    There are some enthusiasts of ‘the Prisoner,’ who consider this bureaucrat to be ZM73’s boss, on the grounds that it is to him that ZM73 hands his letter of resignation. However eventually this man is replaced, either he’s been promoted, or moved on to another department, or simply went on holiday. Because at some point this man, Jonathan Peregrine Danvers takes over the position.

    So with the original thinking, would this then make Danvers ZM73’s boss? It seems highly unlikely, judging by the way ZM73 pulls him out of his chair by the lapels of his jacket, and the way he talks to him about his experience in the typing pool! Its Sir Charles Portland ZM73 demands to see, seeing as he’s outwardly the
Colonel. Because it’s Sir Charles who’s the boss! And also Danvers importance, or lack of it, is demonstrated when he is told to leave the room by PR12. No, for me both these men are the first point of contact within the department. The room is a kind of reception, and the man sat behind the desk no more important than a receptionist might be. That’s not meant unkindly, it’s just the manner of the job.

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  1. It does though make ZM73 seem like rather a jerk to be shouting at a simple receptionist and pounding on the poor man's desk during his resignation scene!

    1. Hello Enik1138,
      Good to hear from you.
      It is often the case then then we have a complaint about something, if a service isn't what it might be, we complain to the first person we see or talk to relating to the service provider. For example if we have a complaint about an electricity bil, we have to call a "Call Centre," and the complaint is made to the person on the other end of the telephone, and we might get angry with that person, even though its not that person's fault. And so it was with the Prisoner. Perhaps his boss wasn't available, so he vented his rage on the person in front of him.

      Best regards