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Thursday 21 January 2016

Citizen No.22

    Number 8 said that they would become involved, and do what they would in a real situation, which they did. But neither Number 8 nor Number 2 had to stand there and watch themselves on the wall screen being strangled to death. Imagine Number 22 being forced to stand there and watch the life being strangled out of her, by the homicidal maniac standing next to her in Number 2’s office. Its no wonder 22 was so upset towards the end of the episode, in tears, throwing down her headset, and running out of the office like that. But why go to ‘Harmony,’ in particular the Silver Dollar Saloon? Perhaps it was a need to visit the physical place where she was murdered so violently. As for Number 8 being there, well it’s said that a murderer always returns to the scene of his crime. But in this case no crime had actually been committed there…….yet. “Cathy!” The homicidal figure of Number 8 turns on Number 22, about to repeat what took place in the virtual world of ‘Harmony.’ Strangling the life out of her, but this time Number 6 was on hand to help Number 22, unlike being too late to save Cathy. But even then Number 6 was too late, she died in his arms.
   Perhaps Number 8 had a thing about Number 22, and his jealousies were brought to the surface in the virtual world of Harmony. After all he said they would do what they would in a real situation. But with Number 8 it was the other way round, first! 

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