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Sunday 24 January 2016

We Want Information!

    The one piece of information which they cannot extract from the Prisoner-Number 6 is the reason behind his resignation. Perhaps they thought, that if Number 2 could extract that reason, then firstly they would be able to complete his personal file with the one piece of information they lack about him. Secondly that if Number 6 did give up that information, then everything else he knew would follow. On the other hand, by using his stubbornness in not giving the reason why he resigned, Number 6 was able to concentrate on that thing in order to resist the coercion used against him. But then again, it might be the case that Number 2 was using that stubbornness in not giving the reason why he resigned against Number 6. This in order to test him, to see if he is the man they thought him to be. To test their interrogation techniques, to see Number 6 how long he could resist them. If Number 6 didn’t tell Number 2 why he resigned, then he was unlikely to tell anyone else, thus proving that he was worthy of having a future with them.
   There is one further detail, albeit a trivial one. That despite having researched and computed Number 6’s whole life, the one detail which still eluded them, was the reason why the Prisoner resigned his job!

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