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Monday 4 January 2016

Citizen No.24

    Well now we know whose side you are on. Oh yes its easy to say if you had a second chance you wouldn’t do it again. If that’s the case, why did you betray Number 6 in the first place? Perhaps it was because Number 2 had brought pressure to bear, but what would stop him from doing that a second time? After all Number 9 had once been assigned to Cobb, then she was assigned to Number 6, perhaps against her will, as she was being used as a pawn in Number 2’s game. The truth of the matter is, you did betray Number 6. After all, all he had shown you was kindness. He helped you with your mind reading act for The Village Festival. It’s not at all clear how that came about, how you and Number 6 first realised that you share a mental link. That wasn’t manufactured was it? It’s not really something even Number 2 could engineer. So it was a natural mental link, and Number 2 saw that, and pressure was brought to bear. But then it wasn’t just the help with your mind reading, Number 6 also posed for you to take Polaroid pictures so you could enter the photographic competition. How did you do by the way? And who then helped you with your mind-reading act at The Village Festival? Perhaps it was  Curtis, masquerading as Number 6, because Number 6 was undergoing conditioning at that time. It must have been the same at The Village Festival as it was that time in Number 2’s office. You knew what cards he was holding up because of a prearranged signal, the way he emphasised the word “Now.” Doesn’t that make your mind reading act a complete sham? But at least Number 6 recognised that everything which is done in The Village is a betrayal, so he understood. One thing in your favour, at least you didn’t betray him a second time when he was attempting an off-the-cuff escape!

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