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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Boot Hill - Harmony

The curious thing about the village, albeit a trivial one, is that the there are actually three cemeteries. One of them somewhat curiously situated on the beach at the foot of the cliffs below the lighthouse, as seen at the time of Cobb's supposed funeral during Arrival. Which prompts the question, seeing as how Cobb's funeral had been staged for the benefit of both No.9 and No.6, could not this graveyard down on the beach be false as well? After all who would have a graveyard on a beach? Sounds a bit improbable to me, but not impossible, anything is possible here!
   The second graveyard is seen during the episode of Hammer Into Anvil, where No.73 is buried, and this has to be correct as No.113 is also buried there, she died a month ago. And the third graveyard, well that's Harmony's Boot Hill where the stranger-No.6 buried Cathy who had been strangled by the Kid.
   But it was all a 'reality-role playing game' wasn't it? Between No.6-the stranger, the Judge-No.2, the Kid-No.8 and Cathy-No.22, all of whom became involved to some extent. So with that line of thinking, who or what was it No.6 buried up at Boot Hill?


   In all probability it was the cardboard cut out of Cathy which the stranger-No.6 buried up at Boot Hill. Well after all both the Judge and the Kid had been nothing more than cardboard cut-outs, and you wouldn't have to be fast on the draw to beat a cardboard cut-out would you now. And those very expensive horses, the bay for example $5,000, was a cardboard cut-out and looks likely to cut you in two if you tried to ride it!
   There were no such cardboard cut-outs for Zeke and the boys, Will, the bartender or any of the other town’s people, as they are not central to the story.
    Fancy Living in Harmony stranger...... you've never heard of it? Well it is sort of exclusive!
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