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Tuesday 17 January 2012

The Prisoner's Question Time

 "What the devil!"
"Never mind him, I want to talk about you."
"How did you get in here?"
"Through the door. You claim to be Number Six."
" I am Number Six."
"Number Six has always worn a dark blazer. when did you take to wearing a cream blazer?"
"About a month or so ago. You know what they say, a change is a good as a rest."
"So you claim to be Number Six."
"That's who I looked like the last time I looked in the mirror!"
"Yes I'll give you that. You certainly look like Number Six. A remarkable job."
"Remarkable job?"
"I can't see any scarring at all. A remarkable job of plastic surgery."
"It's nothing of the kind!"
"Oh, you are a clone!"
"Certainly not."
"Ah, a natural look-a-like then?"
"I'm Number Six, always have been!"
"Number Two didn't brief you very well did he?"
"Yes, perhaps it's time we gave him a call."
"You have made a mistake, whoever you are."
"Didn't Number Two tell you..... but then If you are Number Six, you would know."
"Know what?"
"That Number Six never wears his badge!"

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