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Saturday 21 January 2012

The Therapy Zone

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    I have often thought what those red and white stripes are on the base of two columns of the Gloriette at the time of the election of Free For All. The red over white puts me in mind of the flag of Monaco, and that of the Republic of Indonesia, both flags are red over white. Of course this is no answer, simply what they put me in mind of, and not to say that the village is somewhere in either Monaco or Indonesia.
    As No.6 makes his way to the Green Dome as to warn No.2 of the assassination plot against him in It’s Your Funeral, one can clearly observe that No.6, as he makes his way through the village, is actually wearing his charcoal grey suit. this short piece of footage has obviously been cut from Arrival, stored and used elsewhere in the series as film stock footage! No one would notice, would they? Well after all the production crew never thought anyone would examine the Prisoner so closely!
    During the fight aboard the jet-boat during No.6's adoration of Free For All, there is a fight between him and the two mechanics. One falls back off the stern of the boat into the water. Then No.6 falls out of the boat into the water during the fight, and is about to be clobbered by the second mechanic. However after a brief intervention and a sharp word by No.2 from the helicopter, No.6 grabs hold of the mechanics overall and pulls him into the water before climbing back aboard the boat. A curious observation is that before the second mechanic is pulled into the water, his overalls are already wet! He should he changed them in time for the second take, or perhaps there wasn't sufficient time during the filming. Anyway who's going to notice! And whilst we are on the subject, that's a very slim No.2 running up the steps to the Green Dome in A change of Mind being chased by a gang of village citizens .
    In The General you could be mistaken for thinking that No.2 is behind the Speedlearn experiment, certainly he gives that impression and sees it as being probably the most important human experiment the village administration has ever had to conduct, and he has an obsession about The General. Yet later in the projection room the projectionist asks if this latest lecture has been approved by the board. No.2 assures him that it will be. And later in the boardroom No.2 has to see Speadlearn explained to the board members. This certainly gives the impression that if the members of the board did not approve then the experiment would be stopped. hence the action of No.2 in giving the next lecture to the projectionist and pre-empting the boards decision, in case they decided against it.
    "Kosho" is a most singular sport, though its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, although most probably thought up by McGoohan himself I should imagine. Certainly the "Kosho" scene of Hammer Into Anvil should have been longer than we actually see in the episode. This because "Kosho" is again seen in It’s Your Funeral and No.6's opponent can be clearly seen to be that of No.14, No.2's assistant in Hammer Into Anvil!
    "Your too independent, you should find yourself a nice young lady for Carnival. Now their young and unattached..." What No.2 of Dance of the Dead  encouraging No.6 into a relationship, when such relationships are found upon here in the village? But of course any relationships can be built up, even here in the village, after all its human nature. Where do you think the three children came from in the nursery, and to when No.6 was he was telling his fairy tale to in the Girl Who Was Death? And of course there was the rapport between No.6 and No.2 of the Chimes of Big Ben, Once Upon A Time and Fall Out. Not to mention Alison-No.24 of the Schizoid Man, he even called her by name, and names are not used here, are the Monique, or Nadia possibly the closest of them all to No.6.
    And writing of Nadia, the new No.8, I wonder if this current No.6 is a new No.6? After all there are new numbers all the time, No.2, quite a few new No.8's, and No.14, last week she was an old lady in a wheelchair, now No.14 is a female doctor! But I digress, when the new No.8 appraoches No.6 to ask where the Green Dome is, and giving the impression that she doesn't know where she is. No.6 gives every appearance of being an old hand here in the village.
   "The green dome, certainly. Across the square,across the street, up the steps, you can't miss it" in fact he goes further and when No.8 asks if she could show him, he leads the way across the square, across the street and up the steps to the door of the Green Dome. He even explains about the taxi service being only local. That they'll take you wherever you like, as long as you arrive back here in the end, that's why their called local.” No.6 sounds like an old hand in the village!

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