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Saturday 14 January 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Fall Out Rocket

  Strange how the inside of the rocket is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. A touch of the "Time and Relative Dimension in Space" {TARDIS}syndrome, wouldn't you say?
    But is that rocket seen in the silo of the cavern during Fall Out really the same rocket we see lifting off having been launched by "Sir?"
    Well certainly the Blue Streak was constructed out of "blue steel." the Fall Out rocket looked to be constructed from "blue steel," but of course in reality there was only ever the one rocket. Film of the launching of a Blue streak missile/rocket which was superimposed onto the film.
   But let us suppose for a moment that there were two rockets, or indeed just the one. The interior of the Fall Out rocket is much too large, judging by the size of the control room where Sir finally confronted No.1.
   There is also the theory that the Fall Out Rocket is some kind of Doomsday rocket capable of destroying the earth. If this were so then there would be no need for a countdown to the launch. You just turn a key to release the safety mechanism and press the red button. Don't forget that it was intended to have people aboard this rocket. The ex-No.2, No.48 and possibly No.6. But at the end of the series, there was but No.1 aboard, sealed in the nose cone by Sir.
  And if the rocket had been some doomsday device, then what happened to it? After all the earth wasn't obliterated at the end of Fall Out. Life went on just as normal, well save for the Prisoner, which started all over again!

A Row Of Rotten Cabbages!

    No.2 "No more wastage in schools. No more tedious learning by rote...... A brilliantly devised course, delivered by a leading teacher, subliminally learned and checked by an infallible authority....... and what do you have?"
    "A row of cabbages!" - No.6 replies.
                                                    {The General}
    Well we might have met with this "row of cabbages" previously during the dissolution of the out going council at the Town Hall during the election period of Free For All. And as the candidate No.6 observed, what a bunch of "tailors dummies" they all turned out to be. And as far as I can see, a more suited "row of cabbages" you would not wish to meet.
     "Can you laugh, can you cry, can you think? In your heads must be the remnants of a brain. In your hearts must be the desire to be a human being again.  {No.6}
     Is this what happens to those "Rotten cabbages" in the village? Brainwashed imbeciles, who might once have been former No.2's who have now been sub-divided, and who now sit upon the Town Council without a voice, and without power to act. A puppet regime, a twentieth century Bastille which pretends to be a pocket democracy. It's all a farce really, as No.6 observes. Solitary confinement would be more effective in getting what "they" want, as are truth drugs. But then that might prove to be too easy, as No.2 and the village administration do like to play their games, but not to "damage the tissue."
   Had Free For All been different, as well as the village's administrations attitude towards No.6. That the rigged elections had actually proved to have been democratic after all, with No.6 having been duly elected as the New No.2 Then might not No.6 himself one day, find himself a member of the Town Council. A brainwashed imbecile, with no heart or brain, nor the desire to be a human being again.

Be seeing You

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