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Thursday 19 January 2012

Postcard From The Village

    In a piece of blog a few days ago, I mentioned the fact that it is the third anniversary of the death of Patrick McGoohan. But also there is another anniversary which I am keen on rememebring, and that is the third anniversary of THEPRIS6NER09. What's more it will not be too much longer before I watch the series again, which will be for a sixth time.
   I'm pleased that the series was produced, because since 1968 there had been rumour of a television remake, and in more recent times a Hollywood remake, which came to nothing.
   For myself, I should like to think that at some point another series of THEPRIS6NER would be produced, but with Jim Caviezel as Two, just to see if he, with the aid of 313, could find a better way, to make a better village. But somehow, judging by people's reaction to this series, I doubt very much that another television series will be commissioned, pity I would say. While many others would say "good job too!" You never know, people who originally rejected the series might learn to appreciate THEPRIS6NER09 in time, after all it took ten years before appreciation for the original series took off. I do have THEPRIS6NER09 on both DVD  and good old video, yes I still record television programmes on video, but I live in hope that the series might one day be repeated on ITV1. But somehow I have my doubts about that, as ITV1 has not repeated the original series of the Prisoner since 1976, although that's to do with the equity repeat payments or something.

I could say be seeing you, to which I might add........Breathe in.......breathe out........more village.

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