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Monday 23 January 2012

Pictorial Prisoner

 Up The Professor!

    One aspect of the Prisoner is that in having produced the series as a film, so much detail which has been put into the series, went by on the small television screen totally unnoticed by the viewers. And it has not been until recent years when the Prisoner series has been re-mastered and put onto DVD, that we can pick-up and see that detail. Such as the rosette worn by the waiter-No.23 and all students of Speedlearn. It shows a picture of the Professor, which can be clearly seen on the television screen, but not so the motto which accompanies the image of the Professor along with the motto “Up the Professor.” This motto as in say “Up the Arsenal,” or  "Up the Professor" meaning I couldn't care less! The former I should think in many cases, and the latter in just a few!  So up the Professor - and one hundred percent entry, one hundred percent pass!


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