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Sunday 8 January 2012

Open Defiance of the Village

     No.6 is not the only Prisoner to show open defiance of the village, No.48 refused to observe, wear or respond to his number. He had an unhealthy attitude in both speech and dress. Even No.2 of The Chimes of Big Ben resisted, even if it was for so short a time, although we are not privy to these two examples. Not to mention the antics of those Jammers we hear so much about, and talked about in the episode of It’s Your Funeral. Jammers who caused chaos through false escape projects, and all kind of mischief which Control then had to check out. No.12 of administration in The General although was not opposed to the village itself, but was against the educational process of Speedlearn, and openly spoke oput against the Professor. He aided No.6, by gaining from his position in administration, a pair of security pass discs and the attire of a 'Top-Hat' education official. And that is without adding the Professor's speech onto micro tape, so that it could be transmitted to the citizens through the Speedlearn process. And No.2, when asked by Madam Professor what No.6 wants, he replies "What we all want escape!"
   Then there was No.2 in the therapy Zone of Free For All, where there is no surveillance. No.2 gave the toast "To hell with the village!" But this when he knew he could not be heard, and of course he was due to leave the village anyway, never to return. Ah, but you also have to ask yourself "did he mean the toast he gave in the first place?"
    The Rook-No.53 demonstrated open defiance of the village on the chessboard when he made that move - "Check," as did those other “reliable men” who joined in No.6’s little adventure. Then the little Watchmaker-No.50 went one stage further. He became embroiled in an assassination plot, and was himself prepared to assassinate the retiring No.2 simply on the grounds of waking the citizens up out of their lethargy! A drastic measure this I should have thought, wouldn't you?

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