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Friday 13 January 2012

Caught On Camera

All The Fun Of The 'Con'
                  Pictures taken at Prisoner Conventions in the 1990's

 Yes, that's me, at the 1994 Convention, in my role as No.6, telling the electorate how it is! And I can assure you that I won the election by an overwhelming majority.


    No.2 "You're not thinking of Jumping?"  
    No.6 "Never!"

   I was the first to re-enact this scene from Dance of the Dead actually standing on the spot as McGoohan had done. I was told that I shouldn't do it, as it is a steep drop. But I was determined to do it. Because I always believed, as I do today, that if you are creating a re-enactment of something original, then you have to get that re-enactment as close to the original as you can. Otherwise it's no longer a re-enactment, but a simple representation.

   Mister X's appearance at a Prisoner Convention as his search for the Girl who Was Death continues.
   Fans of the Prisoner don't seem to bother these days, I mean to gain a costume such as the one i am wearing as Mister X. I've seen the pictures of the past couple of Conventions at which the boxing scene from The Girl Who Was Death is re-enacted. But that Mister X isn't in any costune that resembles this one. People don't seem to bother to get it right any more.

I'll be seeing you


  1. You're not thinking of jumping...these days it's a little higher jump...I was in Portmeirion this fall (no, I didn't fall), and they have a low railing right where you (and the original #6) were standing. Not much of a deterrent, only about a foot high, probably some mandatory legal thing...another example of people knowing what's best for us.

  2. Hello Mister Anonymous,

    My wife and I have not been back to Portmeirion since 2003, but we have heard about all the railings having been added to structures, like the Belvedere Outlook where I stood in the footsteps of McGoohan. As well as on top of the Bristol Colonnade, and all around Portmeirion for that matter. It is because several years ago now, a couple were staying at Portmeirion, and the husband was taking a picture of his wife on the lawn of the Hotel. He asked his wife to take a few steps backwards - she took one too many and toppled backwards over the balustrade and fell to the quayside below. And that was not the first accident at Portmeirion where the general public is concerned. Anyway the Health and safety Executive went to Portmeirion, and went over the village with a fine Health and safety comb, hence the errecting of safety railings all around Portmeirion. The Balustrade of the Hotel lawn was raised six inches, I mean as if addding just six inches would make it any safer, and that goes for the railings on both the Belvedere Outlook and the Bristol's riduculous! And as you say, an example of people knowing what's best for us, are we not the best judge of that?

    At the time of these railings going up, friend was going on a trip to Portmeirion, and said "I will try very hard not to fall off anything!"

    As ever
    Be seeing you