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Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Therapy Zone

 The Prisoner Appreciation

    Over the years the appreciation for the 1960's television series the Prisoner, has made fans want to communicate with other like-minded fans. To discuss, to openly debate amongst themselves the series.
   Such contact used to be carried out by letter, over the telephone, which does still happen today, as indeed I did myself only yesterday afternoon. Then there were the occasional get-togethers, and in news letters and Prisoner based magazines.
   Today there is the internet and places such as here on Blog-spot, where fans of that enigmatic series of the Prisoner can get in touch, discuss, and become firm friends with fellow fans all around the world, and from the relative comfort of the executive leather chair!
   Such is the ever changing possibilities for fans of the Prisoner, who can clearly remember the very early days of Prisoner appreciation. A scattered few fans, with a newsletter printed on foolscap paper of varying colours and print not always black, that being the newsletter Alert of the late 1970's to early 80's. A far cry from today’s technology you will agree.
    But as years went by, there was, and still is today, Six of One along with what were termed as "local Groups" which have all but disappeared, with possibly the exception of the Birmingham Group. Another indication of how Prisoner Appreciation has changed. Societies such as Six of One, the Unmutuals although they would argue they are not a club or society, but a group of individuals were once good for information on the subject of the Prisoner. But today there are numerous websites on the internet which supply all the basic information any fan could wish for.
    I used to write numerous letters and articles for prisoner based fan magazines, but today I do this here in my Prisoner-Blog-Articles, same difference really. Although they do reach a greater readership of fans of the series around the world.

The Six candles

   No.6 returned to the village, and was confronted by Mrs. Butterworth, now in the position of No.2, carrying a birthday cake. The cake has but 6 lighted candles upon it, so nothing to do with the fact that it was No.6's birthday then March 19th. Simply a celebration birthday cake for his many happy returns..... to the village as No.6.
   He took it rather well don't you think. When he found some woman he had never met before, happily living in, what had once been, and technically was for the next six months, still his home. And then to be forcibly returned to the village must have been bad enough, but there again is this woman, Mrs. Butterworth who turns out to be No.2 with some smarmy look on her face! No.6 took that even better. Had No.2 been a man, No.6 might have hit out. But being the gentleman that he is..... he took it all really very well. I'm not so sure I would have done. But No.6 is also a practical man, and any such aggressive outburst would have availed him nothing.

Be seeing you

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