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Sunday 29 January 2012

Village Library

     For the simple basics of the Prisoner I have found no better booklet, this revised edition of 1989, and a very well thumbd copy I have to say. In fact, this was my first purchase, in 1988, when it comes to information on the production of the Prisoner, although I believe it has been out of print these many years. However copies of this bookelt, and the two that follow below, do appear on ebay from time to time.

      It is what it says on the cover, containing numerous production call sheets, and attempts to put the Prisoner in order, at the time it was called the 'Great Debate' as fans tried to find the definative screening order of the series. But all the 'Great Debate' did, was to give up numerous screening orders as fans thought the series should be screened, and no two were ever identical.

    And finally the third booklet in this trilogy, sees the world of the Prisoner explained. From film locations outside of portmeirion, to how to tell the four seasons of  the Village in the Prisoner. From the Mini-Moke to putting the Village on the map, to bringing the Prisoner to book {the novelisation of the Prisoner}.


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