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Sunday 8 January 2012

Thought For The Day

    I wonder why No.6 suddenly feels so alone during the episode of A Change of Mind? After all in the previous episode It’s Your Funeral No.6 saved the citizens from the mass reprisals which the new No.2 would have seen to be carried out, if the assassination/execution plot had succeeded. And you would think that this would draw him closer into the community. But then the citizens of the community would never know, would they, or be allowed to know. And even if they did, it would not have turned them against the new No.2, or would it? Well No.6 did manage to turn the citizens against No.2 at the end of A Change of Mind.
    Is it more likely that No.6 turned his back on the community of the village? After all he said he preferred his own privacy, this after having built his own private gymnasium in the woods. No.6 can't have it both ways. And of course No.6 hasn't formed that many friendships with other members of the community since his arrival in the village, and when they do come knocking on his door he doesn't always answer! And when he does, it usually has something to do with plots to either escape, or to become involved in machinations against No.2!
   So if No.6 is feeling lonely, then he only has himself to blame. Him being something of a lone-wolf, as lone-wolves belong to the wilderness as No.2 once said. But this preferring his own company didn't start with A Change of Mind, oh no, it began sometime before then. Because during the 'Activity Prognosis' on No.6 during It’s Your Funeral, he can be seen working out using his own private gymnasium in the woods! So perhaps this wanting to be alone, turning his back on the community, stems form Hammer Into Anvil. Perhaps by the end of this episode No.6 had just about had enough, I wouldn't blame him if he had. But then it had been a personal victory for him, in the way he brought No.2 to his knees, and casting No.14 out.... through the French window!
    Anyway, it's all good food for thought, and demonstrates that even I can find something new in the Prisoner to chew over.

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