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Monday 9 January 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Ambiguity of It All

    Alison-No.24 of The Schizoid Man is as ambiguous as the Prisoner itself can be at times. Why exactly she was brought to the village in the first place is where her particular ambiguity lies. It could be that her abduction to the village was due to her ability to read minds. After all No.58 of Free For All was brought to the village because of her wonderful photographic memory, well that's what No.2 told No.6 over breakfast that time.
   And why not indeed? Because the villages administration makes the best use they can of any technology which becomes available to them. Technology or peoples capabilities, sees their eventual abduction to the village. Unless they arrive of their own free will. But then perhaps Alison-No.24 was born to the village, and her "gift" developed there in a section of the hospital.

A Termination Order!

    Why? I should think it was the case that No.1, who had issued the termination order in the first place, and hadn't known just how far the doctor-No.40 had gone with his treatment of Dutton. And seeing how difficult Dutton was being, decided to do away with the man. After all Dutton wasn't privy to the vital stuff, No.6 knew that. It wasn't the case of Dutton "Being rather difficult" as the doctor told No.2. Dutton had told the doctor all the information he had to tell. It wasn't Dutton’s fault that the doctor chose not to believe him!
   So by the time of No.6's trial of the Dance of the Dead, Roland Walter Dutton's state of mind was unknown to No.1, but in the end didn't really matter. As there had been this termination order set against him. Either way Roland Walter Dutton's fate was sealed. But perhaps Dutton's termination would have been a kinder resolve.

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