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Friday 20 January 2012

Number Six Has A Very Deft Touch

    Have you observed the deft touch which No.6 has? He demonstrates this on many occasions, in the way he gently switches on the ignition of the International caterpillar tractor in the Blacksmiths in the village of Witchwood in The Girl Who Was Death, and the way No.6 pulls the white envelope from under the sheets on his bed during Hammer Into Anvil. Not to mention of course the way in which No.6, as the stranger in Living In Harmony, checks his Colt 45 and in how he gently slips his gun neatly back into his holster. No gunman, either Sheriff, Marshal or gunslinger would slip his gun into his holster in such a way, he would check his gun and shove it back into it's holster.
   And then when he's at the bar in his local public house during the episode of The Girl Who Was Death, as he orders a cocktail of drinks, Brandy Whisky, Vodka, Drambuie, Tia Maria, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, and then uniformly lines the empty glasses up on the bar.
   The way in which he sets the penny farthing security pass discs in the slot of the black box at the security checkpoint in the Town Hall. After doing so, he touches the disc with a deft touch of a finger. Probably because it isn't sitting in the slot of that little black box. Indeed I find with mine that you have to just touch a coin to make the little hand emerge and snatch away the disc!
   And as No.6 sets to launch the rocket during Fall Out, there is the merest of deft touches as he switches switches, turns knobs as he sets the countdown for a 'high orbit.' No.6 is deliberate, direct and precise in his actions, as he is in his determination to escape the village.

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