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Friday 13 January 2012

The Third Anniversay

   I don't normally remember the anniversay of the death of someone I didn't know, or was ever likely to have met. But I was reminded yesterday that January 13th, being today, is the third anniversary of the death of Patrick McGoohan. Not that I expect you need to be reminded of that. But has it really been three years?
   A few years before McGoohan's death, I did say that for such a man who valued his privacy to an extraordinary degree, that when he dies, we might not be privy to that news. And so might have proved to be the case, had it not been for a son-in-law leeking the death of Patrick McGoohan to the American Media.

Be seeing you


  1. By chance, today is also the date of the German TV premiere of the "re-invented", "re-created" or maybe "remade" PRISONER. David, you know already. Tonight 22.30 CET on ZDFneo (digital only), a branch of ZDF, actually the station to broadcast the true PRISONER first in 1969. Of course, your first thought went "could this be bad intention"? But as was reliably confirmed it isn't. Just a coincidence. One of the ZDF editors in charge is said to be a great fan of the original rather than the "economy pack". - Be seeing you!

  2. Hello Arno,

    Yes, I've been thinking about you and the screening of THEPRIS6NER09 series. I hope you enjoyed it, and that the German dubbing was as it should be. I'd be interested to know, as might other readers of my blog.

    I have watched THEPRIS6NER09 five times now, and each time I have been left wanting more by the "economy pack!"

    Be seeing you