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Friday 20 January 2012

Thought For The Day

   An old friend of mine emailed me the other day with an article for my Prisoner based, quarterly newsletter The Tally Ho. The article is largely about the Lotus 7, but there was part of a paragraph which caught my imagination.
    "The Prisoner in respect of digitally re-enhanced and bells and whistles added so that every join and colour mismatch on backdrops and super imposing has magnified and has managed to spoil the raw originality of the film."
    Yes, I think my friend got it just about right. I can certainly see what he means, although many might not agree. My wife and I love to listen to Noel Cowrad songs in an afternoon, we have Noel Coward on both cd's and record, and the records sound much better, the enhanced cd recordings seem to have no soul.


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