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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Is That Me Over There In The Cream Blazer?

    The Schizoid Man is all very fine and dandy, but since when did No.6 take to wearing a cream blazer with black piping? This is all a bit on the negative side for me, and done simply to make it easy for the viewer to distinguish between the real No.6 and his look-a-like No.12. No.2 gave No.6, a password-Gemini- this because when they start even No.2 wouldn't be able to tell them apart, or was it an in-joke on the part of No.2 about twins? Who's he trying to kid? It would have been far better and more complicated if the episode had stuck to them both wearing the same black blazer. Which brings me back to my original question, when exactly did No.6 take to wearing a cream blazer with black piping?
   At the beginning of The Schizoid Man episode, when No.6 was helping Alison-No.24 with her mind reading, he was wearing his black blazer with off-white piping. Then that night, having been drugged through his night cap of hot chocolate, he was taken from his cottage of '6 private' and installed in '12 private,' and as No.12. So it must have been during this time of No.6's conditioning, that Curtis-No.12 had taken up residence in '6 private' and began to go out and about the village, as No.6, but wearing this cream piped blazer, in this getting the citizens used to seeing No.6 so. I don't suppose anyone would question No.6 in his new blazer, why should they? And when No.6 reappeared in the village, as No.12, this confirmed by first the Sikh and then the young woman pushing the chap in the wheel chair.
   "Good morning No.12."
   "Why do you call me that?"
   "Well that was your number the last time we met."
   Of course the Sikh and the young woman had simply been planted to greet No.12 by his number as they passed, simply to help compound the No.12 inside No.6's head.
  No, I think the use of the cream blazer had been a mistake. To have both No 6 and No.12 in the same coloured blazer would have been in better keeping, and would add a great deal to the episode. No.6 wouldn't have had to change blazer, Alison would have appeared even more confused when she entered the office of No.2 with the cards.
    "Good heavens, it can't be." and goes on "It's weird...who is.... which one?"
     But it's all too easy to tell them apart, for No.2, Alison-No.24, they know who No.6 is, we know who No.6 is..... only Rover chose the wrong one and the television viewer wouldn't know which No.6 had gone in the helicopter until the very last line.
    Tell me.... who am I again?

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