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Friday 27 January 2012

Thought For The Day

     Why isn't the picture of No.6 who speaks his mind in an article for The Tally Ho in the episode of Free for All, and on the vote for No.6 placard, and all the smaller placards, not pictured wearing his piped blazer? I mean to say, No.113's photographic colleague, No.113b, took enough photographs of No.6 wearing his piped blazer at the time.
   And the same here with No.2 who has called for an increase in vigilance!

  I could understand it if we were speaking of newspapers in the outside world. But this is the Village, so surely to have had No.6 and No.2 photographed in Village attire would surely have been more in keeping.
    Or was the photographer No.113b, when snapping photographs of No.6 during the election of Free For All, simply wasting good film? Then again on the other hand, was there any film in his camera in the first place?


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