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Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Prisoner's Question Time

   No.6 "This?"
   Doctor-No.10 "Oh I should keep it on, just to remind you."
   "To remind me?"
   "That's right."
   "Of what?"
   "Oh anything you like."
   "To leave a note out for the milkman."
   "Yes perhaps."
   "To take things easy."
   "Why not, you are very lucky my dear fellow."
   "There's something I have to tell Number Two."
   "Well, I'm sure it can wait. Is it important?"
   "He thinks so."
   "Well go home, take it easy. And if it is important I'm sure he'll be in touch."
   "The trouble is, I can't remember what it is I have to tell him!"
   "Well there you are then, that sticking plaster will help you remember."
   "No, not what, how, how will it help me remember?"
   "It will come to you."
   "What will?"
   "Why you resigned."
   "Is that important?"
   "Not to me it isn't, but perhaps to you. I think you have the need to unburden yourself."
   "Do I?"
   "We all have to tell someone."
   "Number Two?"
   "Or me. You would tell me."
   "Why should I tell you?"
   "It might be easier in the end."
   "For who?"
   "For you my dear fellow. Now go home, and remember to take things easy."
   "Why should I want to take things easy?"
   "Well perhaps just for a day or two."
   "If I take this thing off?"
   "You might forget."
   "Why you resigned."
   "I, I, I, re...... resigned becasue for a very long time........."
"Well I must get on. Go home, take it easy, wonderful my dear fellow, wonderful."


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