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Sunday 15 January 2012

The Therapy Zone

Misconstrued Conceptions

    Over the years things have been observed of the Prisoner which have been misconstrued, but we all make mistakes, sometime we have to. And having done so, we then learn from those mistakes. For example, No.6 was been seen to wear two different blazers, the one with broken piping at the lapel and the other with joined piping at the lapel. Well why should No.6 not have two blazers, one on and one at the dry cleaners!
    And when the Prisoner is handing in his letter of resignation during the opening sequence, the Prisoner brings his fist down upon the desk upsetting a cup and two saucers as it was thought to be. Only this was a misconception, as it isn't a cup and two saucers, its actually a cup and saucer and a tea plate!
   Also it has been noted in the past what kind of route the Prisoner takes as he drives through London, in not being able to understand it. Well this is simply down to the way it was edited, and that also goes for the taxi ride which the Prisoner takes on the morning of his arrival in the village. Although you might not have picked up on the way the taxi ride around the village was edited, this would depend on how well you know Portmeirion.
   And when the Prisoner looked up at the Bell Tower after emerging from his cottage on the morning of his arrival, he see the head and shoulders of a man. But once he climbs up into the Bell Tower the man has gone, to be replaced by a stone statue! There is nothing miraculous about this, somehow the Prisoner missed the man, I don't know how, but why go to all the trouble of replacing the man with a statue? And just how many men would it take to pull a stunt like that, ridiculous! And then there are those yellowing squares on the lawn seen in the opening sequence. Well these were left after the chessboard was taken up, the yellowing squares where the white chessboards had been laid down. And subsequently, the part of the opening sequence where the Prisoner walks across the lawn to the steps of the Piazza, was filmed after the human chess match of Checkmate.
    So much was made of these and other points like them in the past. Because when you get to know, or use logical reasoning all becomes clear.


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