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Thursday 12 January 2012

Something Dark And Dangerous This way Comes

  The postman always rings twice, but the Prisoner is relentless. Certainly he appears to be a figure which I would not like to meet, an apparition which your worst nightmare would find difficult to match.
    Many interpretations have been put to the Prisoner, but what interpretation could be placed on this photograph? Something dark and dangerous certainly that is the impression I get, perhaps even fierce and fatal. Possibly a strangler, or sex maniac who has broken into a home. The young woman, or possibly a young couple with a child sleeping in a secluded house, asleep and unaware of the intruder who now stands at the bedroom door which stands ajar.
   A menacing figure who is capable of doing unmentionable things. There is darkness in the eyes, and an unkempt look about him. An escaped prisoner perhaps, a lifer for committing an unspeakable crime, so desperate to do it again. And this time it looks like it could be you!

What was that? Sounded like someone at the door....... oh it's the postman!

Be seeing you...... won't I?

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