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Friday 15 June 2012

The Blue Dispenser

Well I'll be damned! Look what I've found, unless you've already seen it for yourself, you can pre-order this DVD from Sainsbury's for £3.99. I have 'The Laughing Prisoner' on video somewhere, from the time I recorded it from the television in 1987. It was a 'Tube' {a series dedicated to music} special at a time when Jools Holland fell out of favour having used a four letter word during a broadcast of 'The Tube' music programme on Channel 4 of which Holland was one of the presneters. So Jools Holland, being a huge fan of 'the Prisoner' resigned from 'The Tube' and gave the final programme a twist on 'the Prisoner.' Stephen Fry who plays Number Two is also a huge fan of 'the Prisoner.' You can watch this on YouTube. It seems a strange thing for Network DVD to release on DVD, which is a mix of comical drama and musical entertainment. However it is a very collectable item for fans of 'the Prisoner,' having been largely filmed in Portmeirion.
The DVD is on general release by Network DVD on August 13th, and can also be re-ordered from Amazon Books as well as Sainbury's.
Be seeing you as they say.....I've got a pamphlet about the making of 'The Laughing Prisoner somewhere........

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