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Friday 15 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

No.6 asks the Question "Are You English?"

    "Are you English?" a question asked by No.6 of No.2 during the Carnival of the ‘Dance of the Dead.’ But is No.6 himself English? One would suppose he is, after all he drinks tea, and demonstrates, not only to No.86, but to the viewer during ‘A Change of Mind’ just how to make the perfect cup of tea. Warm the pot always, tea, one for you, one for thee and one for the pot, let stand for a moment and should just about be right.
    No.6 might very well give the impression of being English, working for a the British secret service or some other high level secret, confidential government department, of which Sir Charles Portland of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ was the head man. This as he did working for M9 during his days as ‘Danger Man,’ but then in the early days he had an American accent working for NATO security! And here in the village No.6 uses some curious phrases for an supposed Englishman, such as "Until my inauguration" this is an American term, as is "Running for office" not "Standing for election" as might be the English term to be used. An in ‘the Schizoid Man’ its flapjacks which is No.6's favourite dish, flapjacks against English pancakes, Flapjack Charlie indeed!!!!
    The doctor diagnosis of No.6 is that he is fit for any contingency. Certainly he is a very fit man and always ready for a fist fight. He first tries to pick a fist fight with the white membranic mass of the village guardian during his attempted escape by village taxi. Trouble is that the village guardian offers no resistance to the Prisoner's punches, unlike some of the other citizens of the village I could mention. Being strong and tough it took three men to overpower No.6 and four men in total to deliver him to the office of No.2 in the Green Dome. Mind you No.14, assistant to No.2 who was one of those men, and would take delight in "dusting" No.6 down, did not fair so well in a one on one situation. Neither at "Kosho" or in the cottage of No.6, being quickly despatched through.... the French window! In ‘A Change of Mind’ to men are sent by No.2 to cause trouble for No.6. They two are given a sound beating, and run off to inform the committee of No.6's unmutal action. Fist fights occur on board boats, up in the bell tower, in the street at night. Causing damage to the lounge, bedroom and kitchen of "6 Private." In a basement of a shop in Kanderfeld-Austria, an Arbour at Madame Eungadine's party in Paris. You name it and No.6 can cause trouble anywhere and at any time. But one thing is for sure, the Prisoner-No.6 is a survivor.
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