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Saturday 16 June 2012

Caught On Camera

On the day of his arrival in the village, the Prisoner found the music being played in his cottage irritating to say the least. And in his attempt to bring quiet he trampled the black loudspeaker to pieces under foot. But such old fashioned brute force was not enough, as the music played on! "How do you stop this thing?" he asked the maid "We can't" she said "It's automatic!"
    It is during The Chimes of Big Ben, that Number 6 had become more subtle in his defiance, and learned that by placing the speaker in his refridgerator he could bring quiet to his cottage.
 But no man is an Island. He needs food for the inner man. Stimulation for the mind. Music to soothe the savage breast. So when one morning Number 6 woke to find his cottage in absolute silence........ You see when something is not there, even when something is so irritating to you, you naturally miss it when it's gone! 

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