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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Everything Becomes Clear

     The Prisoner, it's over 45 years since the series was first screened on British television, and now the Prisoner has finally come home to ITV.
   In recent years ‘the Prisoner’ has enjoyed a re-mastering of the 35mm prints, along with a re-re-mastering and further enhancement to give the picture far more clarity than it has ever enjoyed in the past. So much so, that comments like "The Prisoner looks as though it was filmed yesterday." Well of course it wasn't, was it?
   It's okay to re-master films and television series, and many look all the better for it. However with the Prisoner constant re-mastering, and enhancement of the picture quality has only served to bring out the series imperfections. For example, in ‘The Schizoid Man’ when the pair of sixes are together in No.6's cottage. You can now clearly see the defining "split screen" line in the scene, which were filmed separately and then put together to place both No.6's in the same scene on the screen. Also there is a difference in lighting quality which can be clearly seen on the screen. Before all this re-mastering and enhancement it was difficult to discern on the screen the thin line between the split screen, and there was not so much difference in lighting. But now all has become clear, with a never before picture clarity, which makes the Prisoner easier to be defined, along with it's imperfections

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