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Thursday 14 June 2012

It Means What It Is!

"It means what it is" brilliant, and perhaps the most profound words ever to be uttered by the Prisoner known as Number Six. So why over complicate it? Why question, and go looking for answers? Probably because we all have an enquiring mind, and so we want to know. So why do we interpret 'the Prisoner' to our own way of thinking? Because 'the Prisoner' is all things to everyone, and each of us have a different way of interpreting the series. Ah, but then there should not be any need for interpretation as it means what it is! So what is it? Well that all depends on how you look at it. It can be action/adventure. A social comentary. An allegorical parable. A warning for us, a prediction of the future. Relative when it was first produced, and many of it's social comentary are still relative today. Education is still questionable today, and survaillence is everywhere. Soon everyone will be watching everyone else, and everyone will be suspect, because everyone is guilty of something or other. It is simply a question of what!
    Someone once asked me don't I ever get fed up writing about 'the Prisoner' when there is so much more I could be writing about? I said no. "Don't you ever feel a prisoner of it, writing daily blog?" No, I like it, and liking it is what keeps me from becoming a prisoner of it. Besides, when one has information, or a point of view, it is natural that one should wish to share it. "Ah, but would you still write it if no-one actually read it?" He got me there, perhaps not, as there would be no actual point to it, save for my gratification. Thankfully that is not the case. One writes for others, their enjoyment, and in that is it's own reward.

I'll be seeing you

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