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Thursday 21 June 2012

Teabreak Teaser

   Why is it that in 'Many Happy Returns' Number 6 is so keen to return to the Village?



  1. In "Chimes", No.6 told No.2 that he intended to escape and then come back to destroy the Village! Now I wonder if there were any weapons on the plane and whether No.6 could've fired them !

    But I think in "Many Happy Returns", No.6 was keen to discover the location of the Village rather than to return to it.


    1. Hello ZM72,

      Yes, I to have often wondered if that Gloster Meteor jet was simply a trainer, or if it was armed. But would Number 6 have fired the weapons, on a populated Village?

      I suppose Number 6 wanted to see the job through, to actually find the location of the Village for himself. But if he had left it to others........ But number 6 has a natural air of authority, he has to been or seem to be in control. Look how it was with the escape attempt in 'Checkmate,' Number 6 was in control, and oversaw every part of that escape attempt, and that brought about his own downfall!
      If Number 6 had left it to others, and not gone within a hundred miles of the Village, then perhaps he might not have ended up back in it so quickly!