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Monday 25 June 2012

The Prisoner - A Timeless series?

    It has been stated that the Prisoner is something of a 'timeless' series. It could have happened yesterday, perhaps today, and god forbid..... tomorrow!
And of course they're right, the village could be at any time, in any place such is it's mixture of architecture. Yet there are 3 episodes which do date the series, but which still holds firm today, ‘Many Happy Returns’, ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ and ‘Fall Out.’ These are the three episodes that actually date the Prisoner, back to the 1960's, but that is from outside of the village. By the cars, lorries, buses and taxis of the time. There is even an advertising poster displaying the late comedian Bob Monkhouse, stuck on the bottom glass panel of the door to 'World Cameras' in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My darling.
    But despite this the Prisoner does somehow remain timeless, and a joy to watch, attracting new fans the world over all the time. Had the outside world not have impinged upon that of the village, then the Prisoner would indeed have remained truly timeless. Nothing like ‘the Prisoner’ had been seen before, nor has been seen since. Perhaps there are no longer any men with such drive and determination like that of Patrick Mcgoohan anymore. No one such as the late Sir Lew Grade who are prepared to take a chance!
    There is so much rubbish on television in general these days, apart form Jekyll of course, and I think it is high time that a new Prisoner series was made. A new series which sticks firmly to that of the original, but brought slap bang up to date, with a new No.6 having been abducted to the village, and filmed in the original setting of Portmeirion, extra locations in the village could be computer generated. Even some of the original cast members are still around, who could put in an appearance. All it takes is a little imagination, and some one out there willing to take a chance. But where the Prisoner is concerned, risk takers seem to be very thin on the ground, and with no imagination!

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