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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Village Life

"Beautiful day" the two citizens greeting a new arrival.
"Do we know that young man?"
"No dear. We've never seen him before."
"He looks a nice, clean cut young man."
"Well he didn't return our greeting."
"Well he isn't used to our little ways here yet. He'll soon settle down."
"I expect so."
"Now we've had breakfast at the Cafe, what shall we do next?"
"We could go and collect your submarine, and sail it in the Free Sea."
"Oh, well dear my submarine is actually lying at the bottom of the Free Sea!"
"How so dear?"
"Number 66, the ex-Admiral sank it with his heavy Cruiser!"
"Never mind dear, we'll get you another one."
"Then I'll torpedo the ex-Admiral's heavy Cruiser, and then we'll see how he likes it!"
"Yes dear."


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