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Sunday 24 June 2012

Postcard From The Village

There is always someone out there ready and waiting to make a quick buck! Certainly that was the case with a recent item on ebay. I referring to a 16mm print of 'Living In Harmony' which was valued at £500. I checked it out last night with just over two hours left to bid for the item. At that time there were no bids, and I cannot imagine there would be any in that final two hours. I mean if anyone had wished to buy it, they would have done so the first time this item was listed on ebay, and could have acquired it for a whole lot less than £500!
   It makes one wonder where such items come from? I might have bid for it originally myself, but then I don't have a 16mm film projector, so the film would be useless. A reel of film in a can!

Be seeing you



    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Yes, thank you for the link. 'Village Day' that's going back a bit. Produced in 1998-1999, it was the last film to have Portmeirion as it was, before all the changes came in through Health and Safety, all the gates and railings. Before the advent of the Pizza Parlour, and cafe in Battery Square.

      'Village Day' filmed on the tightest of budgets. Perhaps I should write about it's production in my blog. It's the one film that has never, as far as I am aware, been screened at a Prisoner Convention!