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Friday 15 June 2012

Good Old American Green Backs!

     American Dollar bills which the Colonel took from the safe of the Prisoner's home in the episode of 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.' So why would the Colonel, I use the title as not to confuse the issue with that of No.6's mind wrongly housed in the Colonels body, take American Dollar currency to use in England, and especially when he's heading for the town of Kandersfeld in Austria?
    Of course it is only to be expected that the Prisoner in his line of work would have a multitude of differing currencies in his safe, yet it is a little confusing that he chose U.S. Dollars for this particular trip. Or perhaps it is something more close to home, with the monetary exchange rate at the time, having more faith in the $ rather than that of  the £, which might very well have been the case back in the late 1960's. And which would effect the £ in your pocket!
    And then there's the question of that safe secreted behind the television set. I wonder if this particular aspect of the Prisoner's study was replicated in his home of '6 Private' in the village? Chances are it wasn't.
   Incidentally 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling' is the only Prisoner episode where No.6 demonstrates affection. The affectionate embrace enjoyed and kisses between Janet and her fiancé No.6, on the occasion of her birthday party. Well this isn't really correct, it was No.6's mind, if not his body, and the way he kissed Janet which made up her mind to exactly who the man she was sharing an embrace was. Well it certainly wasn't Patrick McGoohan, but that of Nigel Stock, which just so happened to be a disappointment for actress Zena Walker, who thought when reading of the shared embrace and kiss in her script, that she would be embracing Patrick McGoohan. Poor Nigel Stock!
    I'm sure that had McGoohan not been in America filming 'Ice Station Zebra,' but here filming the Prisoner that scene would still have been with actor Nigel Stock. Romantic scenes with actresses and Patrick McGoohan, either on television or the big screen are the rarest of the rare!


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