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Thursday 28 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Chimes of Big Ben
   By the end of this episode No.6 is in possession of certain information - that The Village is in the same time-zone as Great Britain, the fact that the time is the same in The Village as it is in London. And this must, in the mind of the Prisoner, narrow the location of The Village in the world to certain areas.
    That those behind The Village are damned clever, and capable of just about anything. And finally, No.6 knows who runs The Village, and that he has been betrayed by his own side!

Number Six - A Special Kind Of Animal!
   I suspect No.6 must be a special kind of animal, because I cannot for the life of me think that every person brought to the Village is put through the kind of treatment No.6 was put through. Chambers wasn't, nor was Cobb for that matter. as for No.2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ and ‘Once Upon A Time, in ‘Fall Out’ he regretted that he had resisted for so short-a-time. Chambers, well he soon talked. Roland Walter Dutton, the doctor went too far with him and his experiments, that Dutton will never be the same again! So why go to all the trouble they did with No.6, when all they had to do was shoot him with a syringe full of Scapolomine {a truth drug}, or get him drunk in The Therapy Zone, and  No.6 wouldn't be able to stop himself from talking! It wouldn't have damaged the tissue, and they would still have No.6 at the end of the day. But basically it's all about games. Games, tests, trials, and the tribulations of No.6.

Dance Of The Dead
   This is perhaps the most difficult episode to take literally. The Prisoner is sentenced to death for the possession of a radio set. That sentence is to be carried out by the people, who carry it out in the name of justice. But this is "mob justice," as they chase the Prisoner through the corridors of the Town Hall. You've ripped the guts out of a tele-printer, which inexplicably bursts into life again, continuing to type the message it was originally printing at the time the Prisoner caused it to stop. And the death sentence is not carried out. Well you never expected it to be, did you....or did you? How can things be normal in ‘the Prisoner’ ever again after this? The answer is simple, it can't. Things can only get worse!

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