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Sunday 24 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

Free For Nothing!
   Just what did the village administration achieve with the elections of ‘Free For All?’ It would appear that the village administration has gone to an awful lot of trouble for the sake of one man, when seemingly it can gain nothing from the venture, and that goes for No.6 as well. A form of stalemate one might presume to say. The only reason they might have had was that of a bribe - work with us, and this could all be yours. But this idea falls flat on it's face within the last moments of the episode, when No.6 has attained the position of No.2, and he tries to organise a mass breakout, yet no-one is taking the slightest notice of him, as the new No.2's voice booms out across the village "You are free, free, free to go. I have command, obey me and be free." so No.6 has nothing to gain, although he does try. He also tries to escape, but the attempt is futile.
   The election is rigged, there is no reason for it, because the new No.2 is already ensconced in the village, as a plant - a maid-No.58 assigned to No.6. So all there is to do, is to simply 'play the game.' At the end, No.6 is taught a lesson, that this is only the beginning. That they have many ways and means, but they don't wish to damage him permanently. But surely Free For All was never simply to teach No.6 a lesson! But I hope No.6 was listening, because at least he learned something from this experience.
   ‘ Free For All’ may appear to have no reason behind it. It raises many questions, but for all that, it is simply a joy to watch.

Good Old fashioned Brute Force
   Isn't always effective, as No.6 found out on the day of his arrival in the village. Having become annoyed by the piped music, he picks up the loudspeaker and tramples it to pieces under foot. Yet the music continues. In Dance of the Dead, No.6 comes across a tele printer, he opens it, and rips out the wiring and printing paper. Yet a few moments later the tele printer whirs into life, and carries on printing the message!
   It would seem that "Good old fashioned brute force" will avail No.6 nothing!

A Negative Reaction To Pain
   Such is one result of the tests carried out on No.6 during the episode of Checkmate. No.2 responds that he'd never be able to fake that 'a negative reaction to pain,' to which the doctor agrees "Its would take superhuman will power!"
   Well it would seem that by the time of the next episode No.6 has lost that "superhuman" will power. Because while undergoing an interrogation session with No.2 in his office, No.2 pokes No.6's forehead with the point of his sword "Ah! You react" No.2 comments. No sign of a 'negative reaction to pain there!'

Be seeing you {ouch, that hurt, typing like that}

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