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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Danger Man

For fans of 'Danger Man' who don't know, yes I know you know, but this is for fans who don't. http://www.thedangerman/ or which is produced by an old friend of mine with whom I lost contact several years ago. I've borrowed the two pictures from his site  to note something rather curious. Yes, I know I don't normally write about 'Danger Man,' but there are certain exceptions, and this is one of them.                             
We don't know where John Drake lives in the series, or at least I don't recall an episode in which we see John Drake relaxing in his own home, well not until the episode 'Fair Exchange.' Drake is living in a house in a London mews, he's typing when an old friend comes calling - Lisa Lanzic. The lounge of Drake's house may appear familiar to the viewer, that's becasue the house used to be the dwelling of one Dennis Rawson who become suspect of passing on Naval secrets, and is under surveillance by Special Branch. Towards the end of the episode Rawson is shot and falls from an aircraft. So sometime after Drake had recoved from his burn wounds, suffered in the line of duty, must have moved into his new residence in the London Mews, once belonging to Rawson. 

I'm obliged                                                                      


  1. Hello David,

    Thank you for pointing out the Dangerman website.I didnt know about it and was surprised at how good it is.


    1. Hello Anna,

      Yes it is an excellent website, and the best one I've ever come across on the subject of 'Danger Man.'

      Thank you for an extremely enjoyable email, to which I shall be replying soon.