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Friday 22 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

Fall Out Or Fall Down!
   You know, Once Upon A time must surely have been an ordeal for No.6, not to mention No.2. For No.2 had been up most of the previous night reciting nursery rhymes to the slumbering No.6. And who can say just how much sleep No.6 actually got during that week, locked away in the embryo room. Certainly towards the end both men looked exhausted.
   But then No.6 was the victor, having turned the situation back upon No.2 who apparently - died. But if you think that this is the end, for a triumphant No.6, you would be wrong. Because No.6 is then duly released from the embryo room, and taken the to underground cavern, where he was put under further manipulation. Yet when No.6 enters the cavern, he looks as fresh as ever. Looking nothing like the unshaven, tired, and dishevelled No.6 of the previous few minutes, after only just being released from the embryo room. No.6 should be out on his feet. Which would make the final manipulation of the Prisoner a piece of cake for the President.
   I suppose heroes are always supposed to look fresh from the fight. Heroes never give up. They carry on the fight to the bitter end, killing and maiming. Destroying that which they once created, in effect, destroying a part of themselves which holds them prisoner. Such is their desire to be free.

Facts Behind The Prisoner
    The giant chessboard was on the lawn at Portmeirion for about a week in September 1966, and was taken up as soon as the human chess game scenes in Checkmate had been filmed. The board certainly made it's mark on Portmeirion by leaving light coloured grass squares when the white panels were removed. When No.6 walks across the same lawn in Arrival and in most opening sequences, the alternate light and dark green squares are clearly visible. therefore, this Arrival shot was filmed after Checkmate's location shoot and at the end of September 1966.

The face Of A Defector!
    He once knew the Prisoner, once they had been friends. They do the same job, if for different reasons. But as 'A' here told the Prisoner “Whichever way you look at it, we both want to conquer the world.” Ah, but is 'A' speaking to the Prisoner, or No.1?

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