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Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

Allegorically Speaking

    I never have like that word allegorical. Using it means one can get away with a multitude of things which can mean absolutely anything at all, which means that no positive conclusion can be gained.
    However in this instance I find that I have to swallow the pill, bite the bullet, and whilst taking courage actually use the word allegorical. This in the way No.1 runs the village, having got the better of his alter ego No.6 who rejects the village. Rejects the offer of ultimate power. Rejects his future as a Prisoner, as seen in the crystal ball handed to him by his alter ego, the No.1.
    So there is a violent and bloody revolution, and the Prisoner escapes with three confederates, eventually to arrive back in London. But is seems that the Prisoner cannot help himself, because as he slips behind the wheel of his Lotus Seven, he drives off and it all begins all over again PRISONER is the single word seen on the screen. It seems that you may change your name, Number Six could be considered to be a name, you can change your past, but what you cannot change is what goes on inside your head! And in that lies the Prisoner’s problem. What goes on inside your head is what helps make you what you are today, and there's no getting away from it, as the Prisoner discovered!

The Prisoner
   Patrick McGoohan in an interview with 'New Video' magazine, date unknown.
Why Did No.6 resign?
    "He simply resigns a s a matter of choice. He shouldn't have to answer to anyone. It's entirely his prerogative, his God-given right as an individual, to proceed in any way he sees fit. That's the whole point of it all."
 Patrick McGoohan in an interview with 'New Video' magazine. Circa 1986.

   Number Six has little or no truck with the women in ‘the Prisoner.’ Only on few occasions does Number Six get close to, or befriend a woman. But even then he maintains a certain distance. What is Number Six afraid of, women, or himself? The same could be said of John Drake!

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