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Monday 11 June 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Uniformal Village

   At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that uniforms are not worn by citizens of the village, Well of course the more you study what citizens are wearing, the more uniforms you see. Take the new No.2 of ‘Arrival’ for example, he's wearing the exact clothes as No.6! All the No.2's, with the exception of Mary Morris ‘Dance of the Dead,’ and Georgina Cookson Many Happy Returns, and the female interim No.2 of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ actually wear the same uniform, grey polo-neck jersey, slacks, deck shoes, with the only choice of single or double breasted blazer - without piping. The gardeners, painter, electricians, and mechanics all wear the same dove-grey coloured overalls. The doctors wear the same uniform whether male or female, white coat, grey polo-neck jersey, slacks or skirt, and white shoes. As do nurses, medics, and hospital orderly's. And even the ordinary citizens wear the same uniform, with only slight variations.
   Yet there are signs of individualistic tendencies, as the out-going No.2 of Free for All wears a jacket different to those of his predecessors, in both cut, colour, and the jacket even has cuffs! Then there's the Butler and observers-No.240 of ‘Dance of the Dead’ who both wear their colourful striped cloak inside out!

I Resigned Because........

  Well a number of years ago I wrote what I thought the Prisoners letter of resignation might contain.

    "Colonel, the time has arrived for me to hand in my resignation which I hope you will accept with grace. My reasons for such an action  are quite simple really. For  along time I have been disillusioned with my job and the kind of work I have been required to do, and with a number of my immediate superiors.
    I have travelled the globe in line with my work, and my job has become increasingly dangerous. I have spent years living and surviving by my wits and I have become tired of it. I have risked my life on numerous occasions with little thanks, and little pay in my pocket!
    The job gets dirtier and dirtier, and I feel that I have been used from time to time by others in order to achieve their own ends. By this I mean generally clearing up other people's mess, and I'm sick of it all.
   Now you can get someone else to do your spying, and cleaning up other people's mess. I resign forthwith and want nothing more to do with you or the department."

    John Drake
There Is More To The Village Than Is Dreamt!

   Such as the amenities which the citizens of the village enjoy. From simply having their milk delivered, you can see in a couple of episodes, that there is an empty pint village milk bottle on the door step of '6 private.' And where does the milk come from, the aspirin, the ice cream and potatoes? Well cows can be seen in the field next to the Hospital, so the village had a farm, providing milk, butter, cream and cheese and the potatoes, and the aspirin from Boots!
    Then there is the water and electricity, the power for which has to come from some place, a power station, reservoir and pumping station. The collecting and disposal of garbage, and that means a 'land fill site' somewhere. Then there's the sewage which has to be pumped away somewhere to a treatment plant, unless the village is not on mainstream drains. And in that case there would be sceptic tanks which would need emptying perhaps on an annual basis, in a tanker, or tankers, and again taken away to a sewage plant, and that would create a stink believe you me, and so best done at night time.

Bonjour chez vous

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