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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Who Is That On The Telephone?

"Is that the Pizza parlour?"
"I'd like a deep pan ham and mushroom please."
"I think you have your lines crossed."
"Who is this?"
"The Number here is six."
"Oh it's you Number Six."
"What do you want now?"
"Do you know what the citizens of this community have done?"
"Declared you unmutual."
"Yes. That Number Eighty-six denounced me!"
"Well now you know how it feels."
"Thay chased me all the way to the Green Dome, and now I'm under siege!"
"Why don't you resign?"
"You trying to be funny Number Six? I don't see the humour in this situation."
"No, it's not funny is it?"
"What am I going to do? They've got into the foyer and now they're banging on the steel doors of my office!"
"I'll come over. I'll bring a nice packet of biscuits, and make you a nice cup of tea!"

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