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Saturday 16 June 2012

Project Village

  They come for you....they come for you when you are asleep, well you're off your guard then. I took to not drinking the nightly nightcap made for me by my personal maid. And once I tried sleeping with one eye open, but I couldn't keep that up for long. Then one night I woke up........ I was strapped to an operating table, I was naked, somewhere a nurse giggled. "That's nothing to giggle about nurse" I heard a voice say, and she giggled all the more.
   I was restrained, turning my head this way and that I saw that I was in a large circular chamber. I saw the medical instruments, monitors, resuscitation equipment. A tall, gaunt figure stood over me, and then another voice "How are you feeling Six?" "I've been better" I replied. "You'll be worse by the time the doctor is finished with you, that I guarantee" the voice replied in quiet and calm tones. "What's he going to do to me?" The voice laughed "He going to torture you Six. But if you accept your situation, then he'll go away." "Why don't you go and get........." "Really Six, resorting to... well we don't like swearing here in the Village Six." "Well go to hell then!" "I did. And by the time Seventy-seven is done with you, that's where you'll wish you were." I suddenly heard myself shouting "You can't do this to me!" The figure bent down and whispered in my ear "I think you'll find Six, I can" and then the figure turned and began to walk away. "And while you are about it, wire his testicles up to the mains!" There was another figure standing over me now, dressed in a white surgical gown and face mask, he had something in his hand....a scalpel! I don't know which was worse, the first cut or the last. All I can remember is the pain, the blood, and the excruciating pain of electic shock treatment. I screamed, oh how I screamed. My torturer knew little of subtlety. The nurse mopped by brow, and kissed me on the cheek saying "There, there, it will soon be over." Yes, that is what I hoped for, a happy release.....I collapsed!
   Waking up in my own bed was something of a shock. at least it wasn't on that operating table, or worse, in the Village mortuary! I was wearing by checked pyjamas, I took them off and stood naked in the front of the full-length mirror. There were no scars, not stitch marks, no needle marks, no cuts, I swore!
   "Ah there you are Six. See how the sun makes it all glow. The kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive" Two turned away from the window smiling, cup and saucer in hand "Tea?" he asked. "You can forget the pleasantries. What are you doing to me?" "You must be deluded Six, I'm not doing anything to you. Why should I?" "I had a bad night." "Oh, not a bad dream?" "You should know, you were in it!" "Dreaming about me Six, I'm flattered. But shouldn't you be dreaming of 14-59, I know she dreams about you" Two said giving a knowing wink. "14-59 can dream what she likes. All I want to be leave this place!" "Why Six, don't you like it here?" "I want to go back to Crowland." "Crowland, where's that?" "In the Lincolnshire fens." "Oh Six, there is no Crowland. There are no Lincolnshire fens, there is only the Village." "I'll find a way out, I'll escape." "But Six there is no escape, because there is nothing to escape from, nowhere to escape to." "So I'm expected to simply accept the Village." "You are Village, Six. Can't you see that?"
   I went for a walk, a long walk. I kept on walking through the English countryside. I laid down in a green pasture staring up at the cloudless blue sky. The sun was hot, but there was a gentle breeze. I picked a buttercup, perhaps I like butter I thought. Then suddenly it was all gone. There was nothing but sand for furlong, after furlong, after furlong in all directions as far as the eye could see! Then came the sound of an engine, a small red and cream taxi suddenly pulled up "What are you doing out here Six?" "I was enjoying the English Summer" I said standing up and brushing the sand off. "Hell Six, you kill me. Let me give you a ride back to the Village." "If you have to" I said. "You could die out here Six." I opened the passenger door and climbed in sitting next to 147. "You're strange Six. A real head case, if you've got mental problems, get mental health. Why don't you just settle down. Life here ain't so bad." "Perhaps for you." "Hey Six, I've got a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter. A home, a job, what more do I need?" Your freedom" I told him. "I'm free Six, why don't you get wise. If you don't Two will see you dead!" was 147's warning as we pulled in on the taxi rank. I alighted the taxi "I'll think about it" and stood there gazing up at the twin glass towers.......................

Be seeing you and don't forget breathe in...... breathe out..........more.......Village.

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